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Inspirations / origins

How we see, influences the way we think.

My explorations in the realms of art and design come first from the desire to understand the clash between native and european cultures in Chile. Later, as I tried to design for the resulting hybrid of the in-between, I realized that the implications went much further then local issues, instead they were common to many places and cultures.

My pseudonym, WenchuMan, is product of this same culture clash ; it is a Mapuche name meaning Male Condor, but also sounds like a kind of American superheroe. In a way it resumes my mission as the will to unite two very different times, worlds and ways of living.

My work in the somewhat ambigous field between architecture – design – art is focused to strengthen notions of community / identity and limits in a globalized world; I pursue to make instruments of tolerance, that may show the changing and ephemeral nature of things while actively engaging viewers as ‘observers-participants’.